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A Family Tree Team Member Spotlight

Denise Leck has been helping families for more than 12 years during her time at Family Tree. While pursuing her degree in human services she began as an intern, answering calls on our crisis hotline and was drawn to the mission of Family Tree and the work being done in the community.
´╗┐After graduating she joined us full time, spending eleven years in our Homelessness Program where she worked with people experiencing chronic homelessness for more than three years, before moving into our Kinship Program where she now helps her clients adjust to life with children in their homes.
During her time at Family Tree, Denise has enjoyed seeing the wraparound services being offered to clients continue to grow. She notices that a client facing one obstacle likely has a few more and being able to connect them to services that will help them truly become safe, strong, and self-reliant is really important.
As a grandparent herself, Denise loves being able to work with grandparents to help them adjust to having children in their homes again. After providing 3 months of in-home support, seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends start to settle and be able to provide routines and support for their growing family is the ultimate reward.
In her free time, Denise loves spending time with her children and grandchildren, doing arts and crafts and camping with her family.

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