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Frequently Asked Questions


Why was the Next Gen Committee formed to support the Family Tree Mission?

The Next Gen Committee was formed in an effort to engage and educate up and coming leaders through volunteerism, professional and personal development and community impact. Participants on this committee will work to create an awareness amongst their peers about the work of Family Tree and the need for education around child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Through this committee those involved will:

  • Drive awareness about child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.
  • Develop in to the next generation of philanthropic leaders through speakers, education and resources.
  • Participate in volunteerism and community engagement
  • Develop a network of community minded individuals who are supportive of Family Tree's mission

What are the benefits of being involved in Next Gen?

There are many benefits associated with being a part of Next Gen including:

  • Develop a strong reputation of being a community leader for a reputable organization.
  • Learn about YOUR community and the challenges that are not always discussed.
  • Enhance your personal and professional skills to help you grow and develop as a leader.
  • Connect with other local leaders and community members---growing your network!


Who is involved in the Next Gen Committee?

The Next Gen Committee is comprised of dedicated emerging leaders who care about their communities and want to make a lasting impact on the lives of those that have been affected by child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Interested candidates should have the following qualities:

  • Live or work in the Metro Denver area - we are seeking a diverse mix of candidates.
  • Young professionals who are seeking the opportunity to become tomorrows philanthropic leaders.
  • Provide leadership through active participation in committee efforts. 

How often and where does the Next Gen Committee Meet?

The Next Gen Committee will meet every other month starting in January of 2016. Meetings will be 1.5 hours and be held at a central location. All selected candidates will submit their availability upon selection in an effort to find a meeting time that fits the needs of the committee. As meetings are only every other month committee members are expected to attend 5 out of the 6 annual meetings. On the non-meeting months Next Gen Committee members will be encouraged to volunteer.

What are the time commitments associated with Next Gen?

Each month will vary, but on average committee members will spend 3-7 hours each month on Next Gen business including meetings, volunteerism and outreach. Committee members are asked to serve a minimum of a two year term.

What are the monetary commitments associated with Next Gen?

There is no mandated monetary commitment, but participants will be encouraged to make what they deem to be a meaningful contribution.

What will the Next Gen Committee be responsible for?

The Next Gen Committee is ready for some BIG ENERGY and the new committee members will assist in driving the future of this committee including education efforts, events, volunteer projects and more. In addition, the committee will strive to develop sustainable strategies for Next Gen This is an amazing opportunity to do something BIG!

Apply to become a Next Generation Committee Member HERE


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