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Frequently Asked Questions

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What volunteer opportunities does Family Tree offer?
Check out our volunteer, intern or group volunteer opportunity listings.

How do I set up an interview or ask questions about opportunities?
Great question! Once you have looked into Family Tree's volunteer positions, you will see the supervisor's name listed at the bottom. Contact the supervisor to ask questions, set up an interview and tour.

What kind of hourly commitment do you expect from volunteers?
It depends on the volunteer position. Most positions ask volunteers to commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week for 3-6 months. Project IMPACT opportunities, on the other hand, are just one day!

Does Family Tree offer opportunities for my company/club/family to get involved?
Yes! Check out our Project Impact page for ways groups can volunteer and make a difference. 

Does Family Tree offer positions for students seeking counseling experience?

Generally, no. Family Tree offers a variety of opportunities working closely with people overcoming child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. We need the help of advocates versus therapists or counselors.

Do I have to attend a Volunteer Orientation in order to begin?
Yes, the Orientation is required for each and every volunteer. Volunteer groups who are volunteering for one day do not need to attend an Orientation.Learn more >>

When and where are the Orientations held?
Volunteer Orientations are held at Family Tree's Administration Office: 3805 Marshall Street, Wheat Ridge, 80033.

What if I cannot attend the next Orientation?

It's okay,you may get the ball rolling by researching your volunteer or intern positions online, setting up an interview and filling out a volunteer application. Once you can attend an Orientation, you are ready to begin!

Is there a minimum age to volunteer?
Most positions require volunteers to be at least 18 years old.Playtime Specialist and Child Care positions allow volunteers to be 16 years or older. 14 years of age if volunteering with a parent for Project Impact.

Does Family Tree run a background check?
Yes. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our clients, staff and volunteers thus a thorough background screening is performed for all volunteers (with the exception of volunteer groups).Background checks performed outside of Family Tree will not be accepted. The cost for background checks is $22.

What trainings does Family Tree offer?
Click here for comprehensive information about our trainings.

How do I sign up for a training?
Signing up is easy.Simply click on one of the links below and provide your name, phone number, training you wish to attend and the training date.

RSVP for the Domestic Violence Symposium >>
RSVP for the Homelessness 101 Training >>
RSVP for the Volunteer Orientation >>

Where are the trainings held?
Family Tree's Administrative Office: 3805 Marshall Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033.

Are the trainings required?
Yes, Family Tree volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend ALL trainings. Additionally, the Domestic Violence Symposium is required before starting positions at Women In Crisis and Legal Advocacy.

Are the trainings free?
Yes, the trainings are free for Family Tree volunteers.

Are the trainings available to the public?
Yes, the trainings are open to anyone.There are small fees for non-volunteers. Click here to learn more >>

If you have additional questions please contact Erika Nelson, Director of Volunteer Services at (303) 403-5892 or
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Jennipher Turner
Learn how Jennipher Turner became safe, strong and self-reliant >>  

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